Cafe & Restaurant Amsterdam

Cafe & Restaurant Amsterdam opened in 2008 became one of the most respected and recognizable restaurants in Świnoujście.

Our menu combines traditional recipes with the latest culinary trends focusing towards healthy dishes. Therefore, in our kitchen you won't find the pigments, preservatives, or food prepared in deep fat. We emphasize quality, therefore fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables are purchased daily. Fresh herbs are one of the cores of our kitchen, their flavor will provide you with unforgettable moments.
While planning Menu, we were inspired by the flavors experienced personally among the best European, Asian and South American restaurants. Our final, unique recipes combine our experience and fascination with regional cuisine.

Cooking in our Restaurant is an art which we approach with heart and passion, so quality of our food is unique. All employees make a good team in which everyone is doing their job as best they can. That passion and commitment of the team are the secret of the success of our kitchen.

Our Restaurant is divided into several areas. Outside partially covered by a light roof, protects guests from the hot sun and cools them by fans. In cold days is heated by heat radiators. Inside we have two rooms. In the first one you will find comfortable lounges while other one is equipped with five tables. Second room is quite often reserved by our guests for small celebrations because tables' configuration may be changed as required. This setup, even though the restaurant can accommodate about 100 guests, retains a peaceful ambience and atmosphere of privacy. Mood is complemented by carefully selected music, which creates a background for meetings, dates and consumed meals. At this point, we have to mention that the restaurant is air-conditioned and our guests have access to free wireless internet (WiFi).

Spirit of our place is created by the decor, the music, but mostly by the people. Here, every customer is treated uniquely, with due respect and sincere friendship. By the continuous improvement of our skills through training (carving, barrista, somalier, barman) we are able to provide services at the highest level. Thanks to all our tireless team, their determination and perseverance, we can offer unique dishes in a unique atmosphere.

Our barristas use excellent coffee New York Extra derived from well known for quality Italian coffee roaster Onori Oscar. New York Extra is a blend of 95% of the top grade Arabica beans from Central America enriched with 5% of legendary Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee . The highest standard of the coffee has been proved by winning the great espresso test conducted by the prestigious Gourmet Magazine.

Due to the extraordinary atmosphere, a wide selection of liquors and unique music, Cafe & Restaurant Amsterdam is a popular place in the evening. The Bar is open "till the last guest" so usually it is the last and the only one open in the area. Continuously expanding number of loyal customers proves exceptional ambience and that food quality.

Welcome to our Cafe & Restaurant Amsterdam. Location, prevailing mood, unique menu and a wide selection of liquors guarantee both: a good meal and a great evening out with your friends. We strongly believe you will confirm that Cafe & Restaurant Amsterdam is distinctive and recommendable place on the gastronomic chart of Świnoujście.